"Remember Who You Are"

Laugh hard, always
Help others, always
Love completely and compassionately
and Always
"Remember Who You Are"

Paul Ryan Graham

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Memories of 'Captain Uncle Paul'

Wishes and Happily Ever After.

Paul lived pretty close to my area of Orlando. I would randomly see him at Walt Disney World from time to time. He’d always give me a hug and tell me he loved me. I’ve known Paul for a very long time. We met through the Jackson Music Scene and continued to be friends. The last time I saw Paul was the very last night of “WISHES” firework show at Magic Kingdom and the following night for the grand opening of “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” firework show at Magic Kingdom. Every time I see that show I’ll always thank of Paul. In my mind he’s still flying his plane around.

This photo is was taking on my camera the last time I saw Paul.

My nephew Paul

I have many memories of Paul. When they moved to Mississippi in 2000 I would make the trip up to visit several times a year. Paul would give up his room/bed for me to sleep every time. He never complained.
I sure am going to miss those phone calls from Paul. “Hey Aunt Linda what you doing?” We would talk about 15-30 min. I had to know where he is, where is planning on going. I always asked how many hours you have now? Talk about the people he met all over the country. And how I enjoylooking at his pictures while up just beautiful. I am going to miss those calls and will miss you Paul.
Proud of you ❤

Paul’s Eagle Scout Project

Paul’s Eagle Scout Project


God bless

Riding freind.!!

Enjoyed all the riding we did, God Bless.

Looking up to you then and now

I remember riding bikes in his front yard, the 6 of us cousins riding in Uncle Clyde’s tractor, playing basketball waiting for the bus to pick us up and just enjoying life as kids.
I remember seeing him this past Christmas where I was able to hug him and tell him that I love him and how much it meant to me.
I remember seeing him at Aunt Julie and Uncle Clyde’s vow renewal and sitting down talking about dreams and goals as adults. The words he said to me were mature beyond his years (and mine) I felt so proud of him, I shook his hand and told him “I look up to you as a man and not because you’re taller than me” we laughed but I meant it with all my heart.
Paul, I looked up to you then and Now as you smile from heaven.

You will truly be missed Paul

It all started back in middle school with going to local shows and hanging out every weekend. From there we became brothers who had a great passion to play music in marching band. Yes we honestly did everything we could possibly do to beat Pearl high school every time we were on the field. We had a cookout or crawfish boil a his parents house almost every weekend we always hung out. That one time we got pulled over by Ridgeland PD and they ran up to the window and said wait these aren’t the guys and they sped off, we didn’t know what was going on but always laughed. Thanks for sticking with me and always making the bad things be good and turning people’s frowns into smiles. I’m gonna miss you my brother!

Busting Out Laughing from a Busted Window

A few years ago after Jeana and I finished up college, Paul was one of just a couple people who helped us move into our house. We didn’t even ask him – Chris told him we were moving things, and Paul showed up because he was incredibly kind and giving. It was hours of me and him riding back and forth in my car, just moving boxes and furniture and all kinds of stuff, and on our final trip to drop off stuff, there was a huge pop, and the passenger-side window was gone. It was a super stressful day, and now, I thought we’d been shot at or something, but Paul just threw his hands up and said, I didn’t do it!” That just made us both laugh really hard, and we spent the rest of the ride coming up with theories about what happened. I think his running theory was a kid with a slingshot and really good aim. I’m going to miss him a ton.

From middle school to adulthood

There are so many memories with Paul in them that I could share. From the time I was 14, I couldn’t help but to love him. He was a steadfast friend, fierce protector and one of the most pure, loving souls that I will ever encounter. From awkward teen years to having nearly every class together at Holmes to the fairytale love I was fortunate enough to receive from him, he taught me so much in his time here. He taught me to laugh through life and through his love, how to love myself. His love for God and people emanated daily; Nearly every story with him in it seems to contain laughter. Those are the things I’ll never forget. The promise of heaven is certainly much sweeter now!

Kids Church and The Big Kid

It was once our job as the kids room leaders to start a game of “crab” with the kids. As Drew explained, we needed to be on all fours, backwards, running, while playing volleyball. The kids went wild. Paul was just as into it as the kids. They saw Mr. Paul as one of them. He gloated in their victory after careful strategy with 4th graders paid off. Sometimes, the kids room got so loud and hyper over what Paul was doing that it could be heard in the sanctuary. Nobody minded. From Movies in the Park to VBS to a normal Sunday morning, I think Paul had the biggest impact on the children. They always saw him leading, serving, smiling, and laughing. How kids experience church plays a lot into how they feel about church the rest of their lives. We won’t ever know on this side of Heaven how many kids will stick with their faith and lead others to God because they had a good experience at kids church and SAW who God IS from a young age. It was in Paul’s hands, very often, what their impression of God would be. – Anja Scheib Baker

Fly High Paul!

Worked with Paul for couple of years at Orange Leaf Yogurt. He was always so upbeat and fun to be around. Never forget one Christmas I was on a 12′ ladder putting up lights at the store and Paul was helping, holding the ladder and handing me the lights and hooks. Customer came in, I climbed down ladder and Paul suddenly jumped and pushed me hard away from the ladder. He saw the hammer falling from ladder toward my head. Would’ve hit me hard but he saw it and saved me that day. Paul was always so upbeat and happy. Loved hearing him talk about his dreams to be a pilot one day and the day he realized his dreams were becoming a reality he was so happy! So sorry for his family’s loss but this amazing young man had a dream of flying and got to live it! Love you Paul!

Mountain Boarding

This was my first year at Camp Warren A. Hood and Paul became one of the first friends I had up there, you were always kind and helped me become a part of a great Camp Staff. I’ll miss your friendship Paul.

Yours In Scouting, Bryan

My first friend

Paul and me met in 4th grade the first thing i remember was him hitting me in the face with a red kickball afterward we got into an argument but became friends for our love of power rangers. Paul was one of my oldest friends and i will always miss my fellow ranger.

Paul Brought Out Our Goofiness

Anytime Paul and I were together, it would always bring out goofy happiness for everyone around! Between band and friends, Paul and I always found the humor in everything. There was never a dull moment for us! One of the best friends and people to have in our lives!

Good ol cousin brian

Growing up as kids without a care in the world. The best times of my life. Watching rug rats. Lol rug rats!!!!!!! They don’t even play that anymore. All the times we were running around in Uncle Clyde shirts getting ready for bed. He had come crazzzyyy looking shirts. Lol. Uncle Clyde getting loads of dirt in his front yard to build up. We made tunnels and caves in it for weeks. And god for his all the times we rode in the bucket with uncle Clyde bushhoghing the field. Days ill never forget. Riding my go cart as fast as it would go saying hold on cuz. We had a childhood life. The best time. And ill never forget this Christmas at lacarettas my last time shaking his hand and hugging him saying I love you cuz. And him saying I love you too. Ill never forget. And for some reason. Ill never forget who I am. My childhood was great because of Paul I remember picking on him and uncle Clyde made me a mixdrink that was horrible. Might have been some rotten milk habaneros and something else. But I knew after some dumb reason I drank it. Not to do that anymore. Lol. Wow. I know you remember that. Lol. I puked my gits out when I walked outside. I still taste it. Lol.

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